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  • By Kimberly Caines

The Best Drugstore Mascara

While you are stretching, plumping, and curling your lashes, attempting to whip them into submission, you can't help but think about the small fortune that you paid for that high-end fancy looking mascara that now doesn't even do what it promises. Bummer! But you are not alone. I've been there, and done that, and guess what...There's a much more affordable and effective solution. Drugstore mascara!

Kimberly Caines Mascara Selection

Sitting in the makeup chair before shoots has really opened my eyes (no pun intended). Just because a high-end mascara is expensive doesn't mean it's going to give you bombshell lashes. You can get gorgeous results by just using cheapy drugstore mascaras. Being the product junkie that I am, I've tried a lot of brands including L'oreal, Maybeline, Neutrogena, Covergirl, Ulta and more. There are only a few that I keep going back to. Here are my winners! (Maybe they will become your winners too)

Kimberly Caines favorite mascara

#1. The Super Sizer (CoverGirl)

This mascara tube looks very plain and cheap, and the wand is skinny-minnie with very tiny bristles.

Nothing glam about this; no whistles and bells here. However, looks are deceiving, because just one layer of this mascara instantly transforms your lashes. Lashes fan out and lengthen without clumping together. Wait 15 seconds after the first layer and apply a second layer for vavavoom lashes a la Bambi! This mascara rocks and I haven't met its match yet!

Kimberly Caines top Mascaras

#2. Lashblast (CoverGirl)

Covergirl scores again with Lash Blast Volume mascara. The fat, bright orange tube and the thick bristly brush live up to their promise. Although one coat instantly gives the appearance of more lashes, applying several coats really thickens them and frames your eyes. This mascara adds volume more so than length, so if you have short lashes, it might not be for you. (Kim Tip: Get the best of both worlds; Combine the #1 and #2 mascara. Apply two layers of each, alternating mascaras. You'll have all the volume and length you could want.

#3. Eye Booster (Physician's Formula)

Also known as brush on eyelash extensions, this lash enhancing method uses fibers to create luxurious volume and length. I found this to be true, but only use this for a night out on the town, because it's a lengthy process to build up the volume, switching between layers of mascara and fibers. (Kim Tip: Read the instructions! Don't apply fibers to close to the lash roots, because the fibers will get in your eyes and ruin your day. Apply them from the middle of your lashes up to the tips.)

Did I miss something? As time goes by, I might come across another fabulous drugstore mascara. When I do, I will make sure to update this post. Meanwhile, let me know what your favorite mascara is. Don't be shy!

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