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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Okay, so you finally spot this really cute guy and it turns out he noticed you too. As he's walking toward you, your hands get clammy, your mouth gets dry, and your heart is beating like crazy. "Whatever you do, stay calm!" that annoying voice in your head yells. Mr. Wonderful looks like he stepped right off the pages of GQ Magazine. When he's in front of you, you look into his eyes and he glances into yours. You give him a little smile, and that's when terror strikes. Mr. Wonderful smiles back, and show you the most terrifying thing you've seen in a long time. Yellow, nasty teeth that look like they haven't seen a toothbrush in forever. Then he spills out the words, "hi, how are you." You feel like you've been hit by a truck...A garbage truck. Enough said... Makeup can only hide so much, but if your teeth are yellow and your breath is smelly, it doesn't matter how much makeup you wear, because yellow teeth and dragon breath can't be covered up.

Kim to the rescue! I'm all for white teeth and sweet-smelling breath, but spending a small fortune on temporary teeth whitening treatments is not my cup of tea. I just don't have the patience to sit in a chair while my teeth are being laser bleached. I've tried many types of toothpaste over the years. Most of them had some kind of whitening power to them, yet only a few really stood out. Yes, in case you haven't figured it out, this is a blog page about whitening toothpaste. Although it doesn't sound glamorous, having a bright smile should be one of your first steps toward looking your best.

My go-to toothpastes right now are Colgate Total Whitening and Arm & Hammer Extreme Whitening. The Colgate one claims to stay affective all day long, and even if this isn't true, it makes me feel like my teeth are white and my breath is fresh all day. There's also a gel version, but be warned, the greenish gel can cause hard-to-clean stains in the sink. I like the white paste better, because it adds to the illusion of it whitening your teeth. (Can you say head case...) The Arm & Hammer toothpaste made such a big difference when I used it just one time -- I'm completely hooked. If you love coffee as much as I do, this toothpaste should be your go-to tube. The stains just vanish! Having said all that, I'm always waiting for the next new paste to come along. What's your favorite toothpaste to keep your pearly whites shiny?

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