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Boot Fever! How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Body Type.

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You must admit... When Puss put on those boots, he instantly looked like a cool cat with an attitude to match, and guess what... Boots can do the same for you! Ignore what anyone tells you, because a girl can never have too many boots! Whether it's cold or hot outside, boots can be the finishing touch to that fierce ensemble you are trying to create. Even on a budget, just one pair of boots can be used to create many different looks. This is also why it might be easier to choose boots that fit your body type rather than boots that compliment a certain outfit. Don't know which boots are best for your body type? Not to worry, boots are my all-time favorite footwear, so here are some Kim Tips that might help you:

* If you have short legs - Avoid knee high boots, because they can make you look even shorter and the munchkin look has never been in style. Instead, go for a boot with a heel, and if you can hack it, a pointed toe. For an even greater long-leg illusion, wear the boots with skinny jeans or leggings in the same color, and if you choose ankle booties, make sure they fit snug at your ankles for a streamlined effect.

* If you have an hourglass figure - Say no to stiletto heals that look like they're about to snap in half when carrying you and all your curves. Instead, opt for a thicker cone heel or stacked heel. To accentuate your beautiful curves, opt for boots with a rounded toe.

* If you are plus-size diva - Pick boots of one solid color that end just below your knees and fit snug around your ankles. They will give you a sleeker, longer appearance. Avoid calf-length boots, because these cut your legs in half, only making them appear short and stumpy.

* If you are top heavy - Wear boots that balance out the bottom half of your body. Chunky wedge boots, or comfy boots with fur, buckles and other trinkets are ideal to draw attention and to help balance out your broad shoulders and ample bosom.

* If you have long legs - Opt for flat boots, such as riding boots during the day and for an edgier nighttime look, go for stylish boots that reach over your knees. Lucky you, your long legs don't need the discomfort of a heel to make you look taller. You can get away with almost any style of boot.

I Hope these tips help you find the perfect boots for your frame.

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