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Exercise of the Week: Lunges

Whether you have a big butt or a small butt, if it's flabby, jiggly and saggy, it's not going to make you look any better in those tight jeans you've been eyeing, let alone in that itsy bitsy bikini that was just calling your name from the store window. Not to worry, with the right exercises, you can firm and lift up that tush. One effective, must-do exercise to include in your workout is the lunge where you take a big step forward with one foot, bend both knees and lower your hips to the floor. Then, when your front thigh is parallel to the floor, push off on the heel of your front foot to come back to the starting position.

Kimberly Caines doing lunges

Lunges work your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and not to forget your core. Engaging your core during the exercise, will allow you to stay upright as you move up and down. Lunges also improve the flexibility of your hip flexors, which are often tight in people who are predominantly sedentary during the day.

However, to make sure you target all the right muscles, perfect form is essential. Here are some Kim Tips to keep in mind when doing lunges:

  • Keep your upper body upright while you go up and down. Avoid leaning forward or over-arching your back.

  • Step forward with one foot, making sure that your front knee doesn't pass over your toes. If your knee does cross over your toes, make your stance wider by taking a bigger step.

  • Keep your weight on the heel of your front foot. Wiggle the toes of your foot to check yourself.

  • Inhale as you lower and exhale as you come up. (Breathe girl!)

  • Check your form in a mirror. (Don't mind others who mistake this for vanity. They obviously don't check their form)

  • Keep your abs tight. Suck your belly button to your spine to help stabilize your body.

  • Do the same number of reps on each side to ensure your butt cheeks end up looking like twins.

  • Concentrate on the muscles you're working so you stay focused on the exercise and

  • Continue to challenge yourself. As you get stronger, hold dumbbells in your hands or place a weighted barbell on your shoulders behind your neck. You can also do lunges with your front foot on an elevated platform.

Now that you know what to look out for while doing lunges, stop reading this, get up and start moving!

Disclaimer: All fitness posts on are monitored by my certified personal trainer.

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