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Fun with Fashion - April

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When working as a model, I constantly have other people tugging and pulling at me, styling me in their vision. I don't mind, because I love clothes and fashion. However, I do have my own style and love to express myself. The way I dress often depends on my mood. I am a girlie girl and love cute, flowy tops, skirts and dresses, and yes, I too have days where I feel bloated and lazy, and just don't want to bother. That's when I put on sweats and sneaks, pull my hair up in a bun and call it a day. Believe me, there is a way to wear comfy clothes and still look radiant. I will spill the beans in future blogs. Some days I feel more like a tomboy and you might find me wearing a baseball cap and jeans. I also love a good vintage blazer, because it can be the finishing touch to many different looks. Regardless of the clothes, I can always throw some things together to create a stylish ensemble. Although I do love brand names, I'm a sucker for a good deal, so my fashion tips will include a little of both. Also, I always accessorize my ensembles with a bag and jewelry, all of which I will show in my future Fun with Fashion blogs.

'm working on some fashion vlogs in which I will also give tips and tricks to make sure you always look your best. Over time, I've learned that a little tweak here and a little tuck there can do wonders. I believe fashion is meant to be fun, and if you're creative like me, my vlogs will definitely inspire you. I find that fashion in the U.S. differs a lot from European fashion. For instance, in the U.S. wearing flip-flops outdoors is considered normal. In Holland, flip-flops are worn inside similar to fuzzy slippers. I was shocked when I first came to the U.S. to see how many people wore flip-flops as normal footwear. I will go over the many other differences in future blogs. It'll be fun, so stick with me.

The video below is just a little preview I put together. The top I'm wearing in it is from H&M in Holland, which I also find differs a lot from H&M in the U.S. But more on all this later....

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