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Fun with Fashion - May

fashionweek collection

If you're visiting my blog for fashion ideas, tips and tricks, you've come to the right spot, since I'm Miss Shopaholic/Fashionista of the world. I'm the ultimate girlie girl and love clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and everything else that comes with it. So fasten your seat belts, because I'm taking you for a ride!

Following you will find some of the pix I've posted online with some fashion tips that might come in handy. These looks are easy to copy and most are affordable (I'm a sucker for a great deal!) Hope you like it.

jeans dress

This jeans dress from Papaya Clothing is just long enough to be considered a dress. The belt makes it ultra flattering, even after eating a big meal! Although this is a spring shot, I also wear it when the weather is cooler. I just pair it with leggings and sandals or boots. I accessorized this ensemble with a leopard print bag to add a little spunk.

red exotic top

This top was on the clearance rack at LoveCulture Clothing and I adore it. It's very exotic and not something you see every day. When I saw it I had to have it! The bag is from Guess, the shoes from Nordstrom's and the leggings are just cheapies from a local clothing store. This look would work great at nighttime too, paired with a nice coat.

black jumpsuit

This onesie jumpsuit from Papaya Clothing was a last-minute buy before the store closed. I needed something for a fancy dinner, but wanted something comfortable yet still elegant. This worked like a charm. Wear it with heels or with girlie sandals. Because it's one color from head to toes, it's ultra flattering and slimming. I could live in this jumpsuit! If they had it in other colors, I would've gotten those too. Every girl has to have at least one of these! (Photo was Regrammed by @Papayaclothing)

fashionista dress

Whether you are going shopping, to a game, or are just hanging out with friends, this fabulous little number from LoveCulture Clothing won't let you down. Because it has large openings underneath the arms, it also makes for a great bathing suit cover-up. Just slip on the flipflops and you're good to go. The bag is from Forever21 and is large enough to store everything from a good read and sunblock to your phone and makeup. These boots are my favorite! They're from the Esprit store in The Netherlands, and although they were quite pricey, they're so durable! Note to self....Don't wear this dress after eating. The stretch material has no mercy and you will be forced to suck it in (the things we girls do to look good....).

jeans white top

This ensemble can be dressed up or down. Wear it with heels for a feminine touch, or with flats for a daytime casual look. The top is from Nordstrom's and the jeans are from Papaya Clothing. The bag was a little pricey, thanks to Michael Kors, but so worth it. This look will tell people that you've got great fashion sense. It's casual, yet classy, so why not rock it?! As for the braids ladies, I'm working on getting a tutorial up on my channel right now, so look out for that. Heidi in the Alps has nothing on me! Have fun shopping!

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