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  • By Kimberly Caines

How to: Pocahontas Braids

I have been busy filming and editing my videos, which is why I haven't posted much in my blog. However, hard work always pays off, and I have lots in store! I plan on adding many more fun photos, reviews, tutorials and tricks and tips soon, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Recently, I've posted a lot of photos on social media with my so-called Pocahontas Braids. I've been getting complimented on these braids for as long as I can remember, so I figured, I'd do a little tutorial on them. They are the easiest braids you will ever try to make. Did I mention that they look real cute too? Pocahontas Braids are actually one of my bad-hair-day go-to styles, so the fact that they are liked so much is great. I hope you enjoy the video and will be showing off your own Pocahontas Braids soon. You know you want to!

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