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  • By Kimberly Caines

A Day at the Mall with Kimberly

Once upon a time, in a scorching hot part of the U.S. known as California, there was a girl named Kimberly. Kimberly was a total girlie-girl and not a day went by that you didn't hear her whine "I have nothing to wear," or "What am I going to wear today?" Meanwhile her closet was filled with many clothes that had never even seen daylight. It happened again this past weekend that Kimberly had nothing to wear. This time, she took measures in her own hands, and decided to go to one of her all-time favorite places -- the (air-conditioned) mall. Let me share her little adventure with you.

No time to fuss -- for this shopping trip Kimberly opted for a casual-cute, effortless look. A simple white T-shirt and Sneak Peek jeans from Papaya Clothing did the trick. Oh, and let me not forget the easy-to-walk-in sandals to help cover the many miles through the mall and the carry-all shoulder bag that completed her 'all-about-business' look.

First Stop -- Sephora, because a girlie-girl can never have too much makeup!

Before being harassed by the sales lady, Kimberly managed to check out some Anastasia Beverly Hills products and also tested some Yves Saint Laurent lippies. Then, while waiting in line at the register, Kimberly got tempted by some awesome product samples.

Money spent: Way too much!

Second Stop -- Lady Footlocker, because she claims that new sneakers help motivate her to go to the gym!

These babies were the winners and according to our girl, they will look amazing with a black top and her black spandex workout capris.

Money Spent: Not necessary to mention -- these were essentials! (says Kimberly)

Time Out -- Reload! Recharge! Hydrate!

After some more browsing through the mall, our fashionista on a mission stopped for a much needed coffee and water break. Her break didn't last long though, because right across from the coffee shop she spotted her next go-to store....

Next -- MAC...For obvious reasons.

To give you an idea of how this story goes on.... Kimberly entered the MAC store at about 1:30 pm, she came out at 2:25 pm. (Luckily no missing person report was filed) I should add... She had a big smile on her face and yet another bag in her hand. I'm convinced, this girl can give professional lessons in shopping!

Money Spent: Let's just say the word "budget" is not in Kimberly's vocabulary (although it really should be).

Fourth Stop -- Papaya, because it's Kimberly's favorite clothing store in the mall.

I feel bad for the dressing room gal, because our girl Kim will try on at least ten different pieces before she's done. She'll parade each one around the dressing room, twirling and checking herself out from each angle, asking "Do I look fat in this?" or "Does my butt look big in this?" No shame in Kimberly's game. She fell in love with several summer tops and "had to have them."

Money Spent: According to our girl, she didn't spend any cash, because.... "the credit card took care of it." Hmmmmm...

Time Out -- Food Break

When hunger strikes, a girl's got to eat. Kimberly can get real moody when she's hungry, so to maintain her happy-go-lucky attitude, she stopped by the food court for some quick fuel. No time for a big, elaborate meal -- a sandwich and salad will do -- she's got lots more shopping to do before the mall closes.

Final Stop -- Forever 21

According to Kimberly, she never meant to go into this store, but when she walked by, a pair of black heels were just calling her name. Like a magnate, she was drawn into the store. (I guess the 'force was with her') She tried on the heels, and although she liked the way they looked, they were a little too high, making her feel like she was standing on her toes. She tried on several other heels also, but left without buying anything, which is a major accomplishment in itself.

Money Spent: $0 (but that won't last, because she's thinking about going back next week)

After her day at the mall, Kimberly went home, where she proudly unpacked her new treasures and tried them all again. She put the clothes in her closet and the makeup with the rest of her collection. Not long after, our girl went to bed for the night. Hey, every girl knows that shopping can be exhausting (and every guy shopping with a girl, also knows this)! Needless to say, Kimberly gives a whole new meaning to the terms 'shopaholic' and 'shop till you drop.'

The next morning, Kimberly woke up and started getting ready for the day. It wasn't long before you could hear her say "I don't have anything to wear, what am I going to wear today?" Oh well, I guess it's back to the mall she goes. Oh and yes.... she lived happily ever after!

This is just a quick trip-to-the-mall fairy tale. Now, how is your shopping coming along? If you can relate, or even if not, sound off in the comments below. Sharing is caring! xo

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