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  • By Kimberly Caines

Review Time - Beauty Box 5 (June)

Wahoo! I received another Beauty Box 5 in the mail to review and I feel so spoiled. What girl doesn't like getting these fun goodies. The theme of the June box is "Made in the Shade." Having said that, please know that I am all about honest reviews. I often read product reviews myself to determine whether something is worth buying, and appreciate it when they're not all roses and sunshine all the time. I'll get right to the point and share my findings now that I've tried and tested the items in my June box.

1. Brow & Lash Brush - Prestige Cosmetics $3.25

This double-ended brush measures about 5 inches long and easily fits in a makeup bag. The bristles are firm enough so they effectively straighten out messy brow hairs and the comb is ideal for removing clumpy mascara. I'd say it's a pretty basic but useful tool that does its job. I had a bunch of double-ended brushes already, and added this one to my collection. I use it every morning when putting on my makeup and getting ready for the day.

2. Radiance Bronzer & Highlighter - Manna Kadar $24

Oooh, I'm in love! This awesome combo really brings out my features. I use the darker color in the hollows of my cheeks, along my hairline and along the v-shape of my chin. I apply the lighter color everywhere that the sun would touch my face, mainly above the hollows of my cheeks. I did notice that you have to blend the darker color very well, else it just sits on your face like a smudge. Although it was recommend to use the brush below, I found that a lighter face brush worked better for blending. The Sweep brush was a little too heavy for that.

3. Oval Contour & Highlight Brush - Sweep $15

I love makeup brushes, and even did a blog on how to clean them. That's also why I was very happy when I saw this oval brush in my June Beauty Box 5. The brush is 5.5 inches long its hairs are ultra soft and feel very thick. Butter and velvet are words that come to mind. For me, this brush works best for foundation and concealer. I would not use it for blending highlighter or blush, since it feels a little heavy on your skin and would sweep away any underlying foundation.

4. Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer - Versaspa $35

I didn't test this gradual tanning face moisturizer since I was born with a 'natural tan' already. However, I must say that this product smells very pleasant. It has a very light lotion-like scent that I wouldn't mind smelling all day long. The product label states that it will hydrate your skin and blur fine lines, all while slowly building a tan. Sounds promising! After applying it to your skin, you must avoid water for the next 4 to 8 hours. If I needed a tan, I would definitely try is, because it beats exposure to damaging

sun rays any day!

5. Blue Lotus Treatment Sheet Mask - Pur-Lisse $8


Unlike cream masks, a sheet mask is more convenient and less messy. Like this natural fiber mask from Pur-lisse. You just place it on your face and make sure that it's touching your skin. Then, just relax for about 20 minutes while the restorative Asian botanicals and Blue lotus work their magic. When you remove the mask, you'll notice the leftover lotion on your skin. Rather than washing it off, gently massage it into your skin. I was pretty stressed when I tried the mask, and after wearing it, I could clearly see a difference. It comes out of the package wet and had plenty of moisture to cover my entire face and neck. It left my skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Yes! I test all the products I review. This is me, just relaxing while enjoying the mask.

About Beauty Box 5

So there you have it -- My June Beauty Box 5 review! If you're not familiar with Beauty Box 5, you really have to crawl out from underneath that rock you've been hiding under. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box service that delivers five deluxe samples or full-size products right to your door. Whether it's hair care, skincare, makeup, fragrances or nail care, Beauty Box 5 has got you covered. Subscriptions start at $12 and shipping within the US is free. It's worth every penny, because you get so much more than what you paid for.

If you're excited to learn more about Beauty Box 5 and wish to get your own little big treasures in the mail every month, click here to visit their website. Of course you can also keep track of them on Instagram -- @beautybox5.

Hope you liked my review. Let me know if you did by leaving me a comment below. Always love hearing from you. xo

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Beauty Box 5. All items were provided to me complimentary for testing and review purposes. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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