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  • By Kimberly Caines

Fun with Fashion - June

Now that June is over, it's time for another fashion update. In this monthly segment, I post some of the looks that I've worn in the previous month. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration and ideas to create your own ensembles. You might have seen some of these looks on my Instagram. Here, I just give a little bit more details of what I'm wearing and how you can get the look too.

This top is from my favorite store Papaya Clothing. I especially like it because of the unique rope neckline. I decided to pair the top with a simple denim miniskirt just to dress it down a little bit. You can also achieve the dressed down look with a simple pair of jeans. Although I'm wearing heels with this ensemble, sandals would fit nicely too. To dress it up, I'm thinking dress pants and heels or maybe even some capri pants . Love having options. Sometimes all you need is just a nice top to create a whole new look. (Kim Tip: If you're on a budget, don't pass by the clearance section, because sometimes there are little treasures hidden in there. One nice piece is all it takes)

Ladies, take note, because rompers are the "in" thing this summer. This denim romper is from Papaya Clothing and the green romper is from Moschino. I'm all for pretty comfort, and these little numbers do the trick. Rompers are easily paired with sandals for a summer look, or if you want to add a few inches to your height or give the impression of long legs, pair them with platform shoes. What I like about rompers, is that unlike shorts, you don't have to worry about what to wear on top. Also, they are very forgiving and will make you look great, no matter what your size or how big the meal is that you just filled your tummy with.

Whenever I go shopping I don't ignore the clearance section. Often you can find very nice pieces. Like this Papaya Clothing top, it was on sale for .... Get this .... $6.99. This reminds me, they had a red one too that I have to go get. (by the time I post this, that red top will be hanging in my closet) I paired it with some khaki short for a summer California day. Oh, and the glasses are also from Papaya. Grabbed those on my way out of the store. (There's a reason why they always put accessories and other little trinkets near the register...It's so shopaholics like myself can spend even more $$$)

I love long skirts, because I think they are ultra feminine. This one from H&M Europe just flows. I've had it for a while and recently pulled it out of my closet. To dress it up for night time, I simply pair it with some boots and maybe a black top, but for daytime, I stick to decorative sandals and a simple white t-shirt. The only thing about clingy skirts like this one is that they are not very forgiving. Eat a big meal and you will be sucking in your stomach for the rest of the day.

Who said that you can only wear Mickey Mouse Tees to Disneyland? Not me! Mickey never goes out of style! I dress according to my mood and when I saw this cute sleeveless top, it had my name written all over it. Here, I paired it with some black skintight pants and knee-high boots. For warmer days, I would probably wear it with a cute skirt and sandals.

Have you ever worn a pair of jeans that you could just live in? My Papaya Sneek Peak jeans are those jeans for me. Because it's so hot here right now, I paired these jeans with sandals, but for night time, booties would look cute too. Any top of any color could go with these jeans. Denim is so versatile. I love it.

The sandals above to the left and the heels to the right are my newest finds for the month of June. I was strolling by Payless and saw the sandals in the window. They were calling my name, so I had to go check them out. They had a BOGO at the time, so it was really hard to resist not getting them. I love how strap sandals accessorize your feet. I own many of them and cannot wait to buy another pair. As for the heels to the right... You might have seen me try them on in my "Day at the Mall with Kimberly" post. I ended up going back to Forever 21 to buy them. It's funny, it's almost 'a must' to have a perfect pedicure 24/7 while living in sunny California, because my feet are often half naked.

Well, that's my reflection on last month's fashions. Hope you like what you saw. I should also say that I don't discriminate when it comes to fashion. I'm not a brand-whore (yes, I said that). When I think something is cute, I will check it out and try it, regardless of the store or brand. This is also why you might see high end and lower end items on my site.

If you have questions, or just want to let me know what you're favorite looks are, don't be shy, talk to me in the comments below. xo

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