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Review Time! Scentbird

Hello there BFFs! I’m so happy you are visiting me today! I am highly excited about my collaboration with Scentbird! What? You haven’t heard of Scentbird? Not to worry, I’m here to fill you in and I even have a sweet discount code for you, so you can treat yourself to your own Scentbird fragrance subscription. Before I start my review, let me remind you that I always give my honest opinion. If I don’t like something, or if it straight up ‘sucks’ I have no problem letting you know. You deserve that much. I always appreciate reading honest reviews and I know you guys do too. So having said that, here goes…

The TruScent Recommender

First, let me show you the present that a little birdie dropped into my mail box.

I know, it’s gorgeous right. I wish you could smell it, because the scent I got is fabulous. The fragrance in the dispenser is Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. I found this scent with the help of the easy-to-use TruScent Recommender tool on the Scentbird website. The tool asks you some questions and then gives several scent recommendations. I found this extremely helpful, because when I read that Scentbird has more than 450 authentic brand-name fragrances to choose from, my head started spinning. I’m always indecisive and can never make up my mind. Without the fragrance recommender, I would probably still be deciding on which scent to pick. All I can say is Yay! For this super feature!

What I Got

My fragrance, which sat in a luxurious velvet drawstring pouch, was housed in a reusable metal case. It reminded me of a lipstick, because when you twist the bottom of the case, the top of the perfume flask pops up allowing you to spray and apply it. Then, you just reverse twist to lower it back down. Needless to say, I was very impressed. The metal case makes it so much easier to travel with your perfume without worrying that the bottle will break or that it will spill. My perfume came with a white case, but you can purchase it in different colors also. (Great to have several colors, so you can match it to your bag, clothing or even to your mood) Yes, BFFs, your girl takes her perfume with her at all times, because you never know when you need that extra touch up. (When you find the right perfume, you will know what I mean. I love catching whiffs of my perfume throughout the day…Mind you…You don’t have to shower in it – overkill is a definite no-no, no matter how lovely the scent)

Flowerbomb EDT by Viktor & Rolf

victor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Flowerbomb is a fragrance that does its name justice. This floral explosion contains notes of rose, orchid, jasmine, freesia, sandalwood, green tea and bergamot. The scent makes you feel like you're walking though a gorgeous flower garden. The 8 ml vial easily slips into the metal holder case and is about the size of a rollerball. It's said to last for a whole month, but I know it will last much longer, because Flowerbomb doesn’t fade quickly. Hours after applying it, I still catch whiffs of it. A little goes a long way. If you’re not into floral scents or prefer another brand, you’ll be happy to know that Scentbird carries other popular brands also including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, TOCCA, and Vince Camuto. Pretty much every designer and niche brand known to man.

About Scentbird

Scentbird is a monthly subscription service that delivers the fragrance of your choice right in your mailbox. Both male and female fragrances are available. I find it ideal for people who don’t have a daily go-to scent or people who just want to try something new. It also makes for a very nice, unique gift. Rather than spending a lot of money on a fragrance you don’t know, you can just spend $14.95 and get a 30-day supply in the mail. Shipping is free. As a subscriber, you also get a $15 credit every month. When you find a fragrance you like, you can use this credit toward the purchase of a full-size bottle. This means that you actually got to try it for free, and I know we all love a good freebie!


The right perfume is the perfect final accessory before starting the day. As a girl from Europe, who has worn perfume daily since her teens, I think Scentbird is fabulous. From the moment you see that velvet pouch, you will feel like you’re getting a very special gift. If I had to say one negative thing about Scentbird…. Hmmmm, I can honestly not come up with anything. (I thought long and hard about this too) Even their customer service is on point. While setting up this collaboration, they were always checking to see if I had questions and provided everything I needed to be able to write this blog.

Coupon Code Alert!!!!

Of course I made sure to get a coupon code for my BFFs, so you guys can get your own Scentbird subscription at a discounted price. Just use my code KIM25 at checkout and you will get 25% off your first scentbird subscription. Each initial subscription comes with a complimentary reusable, white metal case.

Click HERE to go to the Scentbird website, where you can place your order and find out more about them. Of course, you can also check out their Instagram @scentbird_perfume.

Now, enough talking on my part, tell me what you think of Scentbird. Is this a subscription that appeals to you? If so, what scent do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, so I can get to know my BFFs better. xo

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Scentbird. All items were provided to me complimentary for testing and review purposes. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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