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Fun with Fashion - October

Hi BFFs, it's been a while since I did my last 'Fun with Fashion' post, because well... Life got very busy and I had to prioritize some other projects that I'm working on. I'm not complaining... Being busy is good! Also, there's no need to worry, because your daily dose of fashion with a passion is back!!!! If you're new to my blog, just know that in this section I look back on the some of the fashions and styles that I've worn in the previous month. You might have seen some of these looks on my social media pages, but I always like having them all in one place and getting your feedback.

The looks on this page are from two of my favorite stores -- Charlotte Russe and Papaya Clothing. (No this is not sponsored and I'm not getting paid to mention them.) This all Kim and my personal style. Are you ready... Scroll down to check out some of my ensembles. Enjoy!

This little red dress didn't look like much on the hanger, but once I put it on and paired it with some nice heels, it looked quite alright. The only thing I found is that the fabric is not forgiving at all. So whenever I wear this little number, you can find me nibbling on a salad leaf (boring), or sucking it in for the entire night. The things us girls go through is amazing.

This is a comfortable, warm fall day look. I paired a simple pair of black leggings with some black booties that have a build-in heel. To top it off, I added a fuzzy vest that I found at Papaya. The vest is ideal, because when nighttime comes in California, it can get a little chilly.

These CR jeans are the most comfortable pants ever. Although they're available in multiple colors, I went for this salmon-pinkish color. I simply paired is with a white crop top hoodie. I wear this look either with sneakers or boots, and so far I've been getting a lot of compliments, so I'm happy. (Just noticed that my butt looks really flat in this pic... Note to self -- do an extra set of squats in the gym Kim!!!!)

This is my favorite look of the past month simple because I love black clothes and this dress is bomb. Charlotte Russe came through for me again! This dress is flattering in every way and the slit adds a whole other level of sexiness to it. Yes....Sexiness... I'm not afraid to say it. Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun! I don't think there's anything wrong by adding some sultriness to your wardrobe when your mood feels like it. I think as long as it's done in a classy way, it can look fabulous. Would love to hear your opinion on this. Is this a yay! or a nay?

Legs for dayzzzz in these high heeled booties from Charlotte Russe. They are ultra feminine and I instantly fell in love with them. I must say, most of the time I don't wear heels as high as this. However, I'll make an exception for a night out.

Every girl needs a frilly top in her closet, and this is mine. I found this top on clearance at Papaya. I pair it with ripped jeans most of the time. This top makes me wish summer wasn't over because it's so cute. Hoping for lots of warm fall days ahead.

This pretty CR dress was a little bit too dressy for my mood, so I decided to pair it with my Papaya boots. By doing this, the ensemble becomes more of a casual, cute one. I love the color or the dress. Just right.

Well my BFF, there you have it. Some of my looks of last month all on one page. I can't wait to see what this month brings! If you ever have a chance to visit Charlotte Russe or Papaya, make sure to do so. They have the cutest clothes for all occasions and you can still stay within your budget. At either store you can easily buy an entire ensemble, including shoes and maybe some accessories for less than $100. None of the looks on this page were over $100 (most were maybe half of that). Yay! for great deals!!!!

Let me know which of my ensembles you like in the comments below. Would love to get your feedback. xoxox.

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