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Review Time - Lilee Box (Oct.)

What's up BFFs. Hope your weekend is going smoothly. Mine sure is filled with all kinds of work, because I am in the middle of several collaboration with various fabulous brands that I cannot wait to tell you about. I've been filming for my YouTube channel, shooting photos and prepping blog posts. Not to worry... I love being creative and delivering awesome results each time, so although it's hard work, it's very rewarding!

Today, I want to show you what was in my October Lilee Box. The awesome crew at Lilee keeps on spoiling your girl with their fabulous boxes, so the least I can do is share my excitement with you!. I just got the box, so I haven't used all the items yet, but that doesn't mean I cannot tell you about them. I will try to keep it short but sweet. Check out my little treasures below!

Vivid Visionary Longwear Shadow - Mirabella Beauty - $29.00

This eyeshadow in a jar has an orange like shade to it and contains light sparkly glitters. It's almost like a sponge in a jar, and the best way to apply it is with a flat brush. It's said to last a long time when you wear it. I will have to experiment with this during one of my YouTube tutorial. For the price, I'm sure it is beautiful. Can't wait to try it.

Blue Lotus Brightening Serum - Pur-Lisse - $76.00

I tell you, Lilee boxes are of great value. I have used this brightening serum for the past couple of days, and although it's too early to tell, I like to think that it is working. It did instantly made my skin feel smooth and fresh... Almost like I just washed it. This serum is said to lighten sun spots and discolorations so your skin glows. Sounds good to me!

Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer - Versaspa - $35

I've received this one before in another Lilee Box and well, since I was born with a natural tan, I didn't use it and will probably give it to one of my friends. I do have to say, this is a self-tanner that has the most lovely scent ever. I could just smell this forever. Very nice. Somebody definitely knows what they're doing at this company!

Shadow Shields - $9.99

Yes! Yes! Yes! Love these and I will use these during my YouTube makeup tutorials for sure. These shields can be placed carefully under your eyes or your lower lip for a perfect makeup application. It will catch eye shadow that would otherwise land on your cheeks, it can help as a guide while creating a killer cat eye, and it can even make sure your lippie is applied perfectly. It comes with 30 shields in a pack. Love this!

Hair T-Turban - Happy Brands - $28.00

Love this hair turban. Yes BFFs, as you know, I'm obsessed with my mane, so this baby is much appreciated. It helps to dry hair fast. You simply wrap your hair with this turban after washing it and the soft T-shirt material instantly helps to dry wet hair and keeps it from dripping. I've used it about 3 times now and keep in right next to my towels in the bathroom. The days of wrapping a towel around my hair (that just ends up falling off) are over. So convenient.

Body Polish - Herbs & Oils Bath - $18.00

Just by looking at this product, you can tell that it's freshly made by hand. The light smell of Bulgarian Rose essential oil, shea butter, coconut oil mixed with Himalayan pink salt is gorgeous. I've used this scrub twice in the shower and love it. Afterward my skin feels so soft. I keep the jar on my shower shelf for easy access. Definitely a must-have.

Moisturizing Lipstick - Real Her - $18.00

My most prices little treasure in this Lilee box! I love this lippie, because it is 100% my color! The perfect red. Yes, BFFs, this is the same lippie I showed off on my Instagram. If you missed it, click here to view the little clip. This lippie is somewhat creamy and keeps you lips nice and moisturized, so lips never flake. It also doesn't run outside the lines, much like many other high-pigmented lippies.

Rose Gold Tweezer & Mirror - Sweep - $19.00

If Sweep doesn't have the cutest products, I don't know who does. Thanks so much Lilee, I needed a new pair of tweezers. I've used this one just once so far and easily removed some messy brow hairs with it. Solid product!

5 Steps to Lovely Skin - Purpletale - $7.99

I tell it like it is and well, although this DIY step-by-step facial left my skin with a gorgeous glow and looking soft and moisturized, the 5 steps were just too much. I'm always rushing so I tend to have to just slap on a mask for a few minutes and keep it moving. This mask requires time that I just don't always have. If you do have the time to go from one step to another, this mask won't disappoint. Days later, my skin still looked flawless.

Radiant Gold Leaf highlighter - Jersey Shore Cosmetics - $22.00

This vegan friendly highlighter is gorgeous and smells good enough to eat. The tube it comes in made me think it was lip balm at first. The only thing to be careful with is the glitter in it. Make sure to apply it where you want that super high light and don't blend it out too much, because you might end up with glitters all over your face.

Bonus Minis

Every Lilee Box comes with several bonus mini items in a small pouch. This time, it was a tube of Go Smile whitening gel and a gorgeous eye shadow by Hikari. I've already used the eye shadow twice and love it. It's very pigmented. I have still to use the whitening gel.

Well, there you have it... My breakdown of the October Lilee Box. Want your own box? No worries.... A subscription to the Lilee Box costs $49/month and subscribers can choose from a one-month, 4-month or 12-month subscription. Subscriptions can also make for the perfect gift. To find out more about Lilee, click here to visit the website or check out the company on Instagram at @Lilee.

Well BFFs, I hope you enjoyed the post. Are you into subscription boxes? Have you tried or want to try any of these items? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. xo

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Lilee. All items were provided to me complimentary for testing and review purposes. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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