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Review Time! Scentbird - Vince Camuto (Capri)

Happy Holidays BFFs! I love this time of the year. Everyone is in a better mood, George Michael's "Last Christmas" is on the radio daily, we get time off from our jobs, the TV is overdoing it on the lovey family movies, the diet is out the door till after New Years and most of all....We don't need an excuse to go shopping. The only thing I dislike are the long lines at the register. Stores that are normally empty, are suddenly filled with Christmas shopper who are often a little too eager to get to the register before anyone else. No wonder statistics show that a lot more people have resorted to online shopping. Yes, I'm guilty too, and one of the best gifts I've discovered is perfume. The right perfume is the finishing touch when dressing up, and the perfect accessory (after your beautiful smile of course). A perfume subscription from Scentbird, for instance, allows the receiver to decide themselves which perfume is delivered right to their front door. To top it off...Shipping is free!

Vince Camuto - Capri

I was at the mall not too long ago and was about to go to a birthday dinner at a nearby restaurant. I figured, I'd walk through Macy's department store, since this was a quick shortcut to get to the restaurant. This is when a sales guy approached me and asked if he could hand me a perfume sample. Without hesitation he sprayed a fragrance onto a test strip and handed it to me. I took a quick whiff, nodded my head to him and kept on moving, trying not to be late for the dinner. When I got to the restaurant I still had the test strip in my hand and took another quick whiff. What happened next was like magic. My eyes opened up wide, a big smile appeared on my face and my nose eagerly led itself to the test strip again. This fragrance smelled soooo good, I couldn't stop talking about it throughout the dinner party, even forcing some of the other dinner guests to smell the strip.

After the dinner I rushed back to Macy's and hunted down the sales guy. I asked him what the name was of the fragrance and he told me it was a new fragrance by Vince Camuto called 'Capri'. He said it consists of a blend of citrus and floral notes, including violet flower and peach blossom, which result in a mix of vanilla and musk. He sure did his homework. I noted the name in my phone after raving to him about it. He tried to sell me on it, but I refrained nicely, knowing that I could get it through Scentbird. The moment I got home, I searched the Scentbird website for the perfume and quickly placed it in my cue. A few weeks later I was the proud and happy owner of a 8 mL vial of this gorgeous fragrance.

Scentbird is ideal, because rather than spending $85 on a 3.4 oz. bottle of this fragrance, they only charge $14.95 for an 8mL vial. During the expensive December month, this can come in very handy. You can sign up for multiple months at a time and the fragrance of your choice automatically gets shipped to you. All first time subscribers get a complimentary metal holder case, which makes it ideal to take your perfume with you in your bag. (That's where you will find mine every day!) With Christmas right around the corner, this might just be the perfect present. Even at the last minute, you can still have a gift ready on time. And BFFs, don't forget... Scentbird caters to both men and women.

If you're curious about Scentbird, why not click here to visit the Scentbird website. Also, I have a discount code for you to use. Simply use the code KIM25 at checkout to get 25% off your first month! Yay for great discounts right....

Now, feel free to tell me what you think of Scentbird. Have you tried the service before or do you want to try the service? Have your tried 'Capri' before. I want to know, just sound off below. TTYS BFF!

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Scentbird. All items were provided to me complimentary for testing and review purposes. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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