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  • By Kimberly Caines

Fun with Fashion (Dec-Jan)

Hellllllo my BFFs! I am just now getting over my jet lag from my European vacation. It was wonderful, but I am also happy to be back in Cali so I can put my focus back into my blog, YouTube videos and social media. Let's kick it off!!!!!

I hope you are ready for another exciting 'Fun with Fashion' session. For those of you who don't know... In this part of my blog I talk about some of the looks I've been showing on Instagram. Some looks are sponsored, while others are just my own personal style.


I was highly excited when Onepiece asked me to join their campaign. I got to pick any onesie from their collection to show off on my social media. This onesie is now officially the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I wore it on the plane to Holland and it's also my go-to piece during cold weather in Cali. I like to pair it with heavy boots, but it would look just as good with sneakers.

Sweater Dresses

This look is completely my style! The leggings with the sweater dress and boots have Kimberly written all over them. Now that the weather in Cali is colder, you can frequently see me sporting this type of style. It's dressy, but not too dressy and it's still comfortable, which in my book is essential. Kim Tip: Ladies, unless you're working out in the gym.... cover up those tushies when wearing leggings. Not only will this prevent a 'camel toe' display, it will also eliminate everyone seeing the outline of you buttocks, which in the wrong leggings can be really unflattering no matter how fit you are.

If you don't want to worry about how to wear leggings... Just skip them and wear a sweater dress with warm boots. I love how boots can really make your legs appear shapely. Also, whoever said that horizontal stripes are off limits, needs to rethink this. Fashion is supposed to be fun and you should be able to wear whatever you feel like. Having said that, I need to get some more sweater dresses. I love them so much.

Winter Jacket

Military Hippie had perfect timing when they picked me to collaborate with them. I needed a winter jacket for my vacation in freezing Holland. Fortunately, their jackets were perfect. The hood and removable fur collar are so handy and I'm secretly happy that it's cold in Cali now, so I can still sport my Military Hippie jacket. I might just have to get another color of this jacket also since it's totally kim-style.

Casual Day

This is an ensemble that I put together on an average day. most of the pieces are from Charlotte Russe. No special occasion, just another day in the life of Kimberly. The long cardigan makes it a little more dressy and is the perfect finishing touch. Regardless of what I wear, I always have to be comfortable. Whether it's a pair of tight skinny jeans or high heels, it has to be cozy!


My go-to winter accessories are definitely scarfs. I own a whole bunch of them and love how they add a little bit of class to your look. I'm also highly addicted to bags and have a big collection of them; both high-end brand names, and some no-names. My newest boots are my UGGs.I could live in these and they really enhance the way your legs look.

And there you have it....Those were some of the fashions I've enjoyed over the past month to two months. I hope you liked my little online fashion show, and if you did, tell me about it. Sound off in the comments below. Let me know which look you like the best. TTYS BFFs. xoxo


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