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Review Time! Eylure Exaggerate Lashes # 145

Hi my sweet BFF's. I hope you are doing fabulous and had a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Today's blog is going to be extra special, because I am sharing my honest review of Eylure Exaggerate Lashes # 145.

For the past couple of months, I've become obsessed with falsies because they really make your eyes pop. I decided to start reviewing each individual lash, because it's so hard to find one that you really like just by going off the packaging. This is the first lash I'm reviewing. Hopefully my review makes it a little easier to choose the right falsies for you.

Although the Eylure Exaggerate lashes were available is a single pack, I found it a better deal to get the three-pack. This also partly because I tend to just toss out the lashes after wearing them instead of re-using them again. The three pack came with two small little vials of lash adhesive. On the packaging, it said that the lashes were long, full and smooth with curved tips and a rich sweeping finish. This was absolutely true as you can clearly see in the pic below.


Applying the Exaggerate lashes was no different than applying any other type of lash. If you are having difficulty applying falsies, not to worry.... I am working on a lash video tutorial that will show you how to easily apply them. Yay!

What I like the best about these lashes is that they are actually visible. Although they are not over the top, Lady Gaga lashes, they do make your eyes pop. I've tried lashes before in the past that blend so much with your own lashes to the point where you can't see them anymore. This is great if you're going for a natural look, but with a name like 'Exaggerate" I was going for a more dramatic look. They are not overly dramatic and still somewhat conservative. In addition to nighttime, yhey can easily be worn during daytime because they are not overly flamboyant.

I like the way the lashes look when my eyes are open. They really frame the eyes, making them look very doll-like. However, when my eyes are closed, the lashes don't look that good. They are full and look like one big sweeping lash. With closed eyes, it's very easy to see that the lashes are not your own. Fortunately, the lash band is easy to cover with eyeliner. I find that these lashes look good with both minimal eyeliner and a fabulous wing.

These Eylure lashes are very light and soft and you will quickly forget that you are wearing them (Except when the compliments start rolling in). Once you remove them, you will absolutely miss them and notice a big difference (this explains why I'm now so addicted to falsies...). Having said all this....Will I wear these lashes again???? Absolutely. No lash is 100% perfect and as long as the pros outweigh the cons, your girl will be batting her eyes while wearing these.

HEy BFF, have you tried these lashes before? Are you planning on trying lashes? Would you like me to review a specific lash? Sound off in the comments below. I would really love to know your thoughts. Sending hugs......

Disclosure: The above review contains my honest thoughts based on my personal experience with the product.

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