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  • By: Kimberly Caines

Charming Charlie Haul!

Hi my beautiful BFFs... Today I am taking all of you on an adventure. I just uploaded a new video. It's a Charming Charlie Haul video. For those of you who don't know what Charming Charlie is.... You will soon find out! This beautiful store has the best accessories you can imagine and there are over 100 stores nationwide, so it's very likely that there's one near you. I love this store so much, and I'm in there all the time, so I figured.... Why not share my antics with my BFFs.

Grab some snacks and enjoy the video. Let me know in the comments what you thing of the video. Have you been to Charming Charlie before? Did you like the goodies I got? Spill the beans -- no need to be shy. Always love your feedback. xoxox.

#CharmingCharlie #Jewelry #Accessories

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