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  • By: Kimberly Caines

DIY: Sugar Lip Scrub


Hi BFFs, It's been a little while since I wrote a new blog post, but I'll be writing a lot more to accompany my DIY YouTube videos. Make sure you also follow me on Instagram, which is where I'm most active and regularly post new stuff.

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If you've ever had dry, chapped lips, you know that it can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to get rid of. Once lips are chapped and peeling, it's almost like it will never heal no matter what you do. In addition to this, if you live in an area with consistently changing weather, your lips are bound to suffer. Growing up in Holland, I was exposed to everything from snow and ice to heat and rain. The weather there is very unpredictable and would wreak havoc on both my hair and my skin including my lips. This is when I started experimenting with lip balms and scrubs. The Sugar scrub that I'm using in the video is my favorite.... Why? Because it works!

So, stop resorting to licking your lips, because this will only dry them out even more. Stop picking at your peeling lips, because they might start bleeding and then you have a whole other problem which takes a long time to heal. Try this scrub and let me know if you like it. The sugar will exfoliate lips, the olive oil and petroleum jelly will provide moisture and hydration and the honey has natural healing properties that are of course also beneficial. Here are some pointer to keep in mind when scrubbing lips:

  • Always do a patch test on your arm before applying new products to your lips/skin. You don't want to risk an adverse reaction. -- Remember, what works for someone else, might not always work for you.

  • Apply the scrub no more than twice a week. You don't want to over-scrub your lips and aggravate them. I find once a week enough.

  • Adjust the quantity of the ingredients as you see fit. If you like a more grainy scrub, add more sugar. You can also add more honey or olive oil to make the consistency smoother.

  • You can store the scrub in the fridge for about two weeks. If you do, make sure to always mix the scrub before you use it.

Enjoy the new video BFFs! Remember, don't be shy...sound off in the comments below. xo

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