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Bragging Rights! - Covergirl!!!

Hi BFFs! So glad you are joining me again on This is just a quick post because I wanted to share a 'win' with you guys. I woke up yesterday morning, just like any other morning and started getting ready for the day. Like every morning, I check my email and social media on my phone. Then suddenly, my eye caught the notification button on Instagram that tells you that someone tagged you on a post. I get tagged quite a lot, so it wasn't unusual. However, when I checked who tagged me, I noticed that it was Covergirl. They had posted a photo of me that I had posted my self earlier in the month on their Instagram. They asked me for permission to use the photo after I first posted it, but I didn't think they were actually going to post it on their IG. (I've had many occasions where companies ask to use your photo promoting their product and they never end up posting it themselves.)

I love them and they also LOVE me ;)

They also posted the same photo simultaneously on their Twitter account (Double the win). Gotta love CG!!!!

I've been reposted by various other companies, numerous times, but Covergirl holds a special place in my heart because I basically grew up using their products and currently still use their products. Also, most of the people whose photos they repost have millions of followers and are established well known beauty gurus. This is also why I decided to blog about it. As a beauty blogger/youtuber/influencer it is really rewarding when something like this happens, because it basically tells you that you are doing something right and it motivates you to keep going. Today it's one day later that the photo was posted and it's has 5K+ likes which is so amazing! Well BFFs, I figured, it's nice to share my little wins with you guys. It's baby steps for me and on to the next goal. Can't wait to see what happens next.

I know some of you have blogs and social media accounts. Why not share your wins also. What's something that's happened to you that you are happy about? Are their any reposts or collabs that you want to brag about? If so, please do so in the comments below.... You deserve it! It's your hard work paying off! xoxox

#covergirl #braggingrights #success

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