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Review Time! Kissbobo Sports Bra!

Hi my lovies. Today I'm coming at you with a post all about sports bras. Whether you are planning on starting an exercise routine, or are already working on your fitness, this post is for you! I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the team at Kissbobobras and they let me try one of their newest racerback sports bras. Needless to say, I was highly excited, because this is the same team responsible for the invisible bra, which has gone semi-viral on Instagram.

As you guys know, I'm a regular in the gym and even dedicate part of my blog to fitness and exercise. I cannot tell you how often I've gone to the gym and witness girls exercising without proper breast support. I cringe when I think of how painful it is to do cardio without a good bra and even more so when I think of the damage it's really doing. Ligaments in the breasts give them their size and shape and without proper support they can break down and breast can get droopy and saggy. This is a big NO in my book. Besides when you are working on your fitness, the last thing you want to worry about is your 'girls' flopping all over the place. Keep in mind BFFs, this damage cannot be reversed -- well, unless you are willing to undergo plastic surgery, which is a whole other story! Think of it as wearing sunglasses -- They protect your eyes from sun damage and early onset of wrinkles, so you wear them. A good sports bra protects your breasts from excessive movement and sagging. Don't exercise without one!

My Kissbobo racerback sports bra arrived in a box with a secret compartment that had a an adjustable strap in it. I am a total girly girl and loved the presentation, which is also why I'm showing it to you.

The bra itself had removable pads, but I just let them stay put, because they only enhanced my natural breast shape even more and I didn't even notice them. The first thing I noticed when wearing the sports bra was how comfortable it was. This is the type of bra that I would even wear while just running errands around town. And BFFs, you know I'm all about comfort. (If this sports bra didn't meet my standards, it wouldn't even be featured in my blog) While wearing the bra, I jumped up and down several times as if doing jumping jacks and ran in place and I must say, the 'girls' stayed put and there was no uncomfortable jiggle whatsoever.

The Kissbobo racerback sports bra has a elastic band at the bottom that effectively helps to hold your breasts in place. The bra is made of 54% nylon, 38% polyester and 15% spandex. The back of the bra has a fishnet-like finish which not only looks good, but also promotes ventilation.

I would absolutely recommend wearing this bra during exercise. I can see how during Yoga or Zumba, this bra would be ideal, because no matter how much I swung my arms around, the bra stayed put and didn't dig into my skin. It will absolutely also stand up to a jog or other medium-impact cardio exercise.

The Kissbobo sports bra is currently on sale. For more information about this sports bra, or to order your own, click here. Make sure to use the sizing chart to determine the correct size. Also, make sure to stop by Kissbobo on Instagram (@kissbobobras).

Does this bra sound like a winner to you? Is this something you would purchase or do you have questions? Please sound off in the comments below. I would love to know what you think. Sharing is caring!

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by the team at The sports bra was provided to me complimentary and as always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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