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  • By: Kimberly Caines

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me


Hi BFFs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday season. I am so ready for the new year and all the exciting stuff that I have planned. I am going to try to blog at least once a week this year, but purleeeez bare with me, because Instagramming, YouTubing and blogging is a lot of work (especially when you are your own worst critic).

I figured since this is the first blog post of the new year, I would make it a personal one. I am going to share 5 things about myself that you might not know, just so you can get to know me a little better.


1 – I am addicted to sugar free gum

Yes BFFs, ever since my teens I have been chomping away on sugar-free gum every day. I’m not naming any gum brands, but I have several faves. If you would ever meet me, I would probably be chewing a piece of gum. Some might think it’s a bad habit, but hey, at least it’s legal right…. (don’t judge peeps ha ha)

2 – I suffered from terrible acne in my early twenties

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. My confidence and self-esteem were so low, because my face was super dry and filled with puss filled craters. (Yes, I know that sounds really bad...Because it was) I can relate to anyone with acne or pimples and never make fun of it because it can seriously affect a person. I was looking for a photo to post showing the acne, but my self-esteem sucked so bad at the time that I didn’ t take any pics. To top it all off, I was participating in televised pageants and modeling in Europe which didn’t help either. No lighting or makeup could fully hide the bumps. Long story short, I saw a dermatologist who prescribed a remedy and saved my sanity.

3 – I speak 6 languages

I’m fluent in Dutch, English, German and Surinamese and also understand French and Spanish. Growing up in Holland, we get many languages is school and also get TV from all over the world. This all makes learning a new language easier. Additionally, my parents speak Surinamese, which I then also picked up.

4 – I am a purple belt in karate

I take karate class twice a week…. Well, I’m supposed to take it twice a week….. I am actually going at a snail’s pace because I am always busy and often miss class. I am 7 belts away from a black belt, but I’m having fun learning the katas and motivating my son who is an advanced blue belt and doing waaaaaay better than me. He only has 4 more belts to go and makes me look so bad.

5 – I hate to cook and clean

No Martha Stewart here!!! love love love a clean house, but despise cleaning and I am not a great cook either. Well that’s not really true…. I can cook water (ha ha yes, I said that) and I make a mean cheesy eggs breakfast.

Remember BFFs, don’t judge! We all have flaws and imperfections and it’s what makes us interesting. Accepting your flaws is much less stressful than trying to combat them. We are all beautiful no matter what.

I want to get to know you a little better too. Please share one thing below that nobody might know about you. It can be as personal as you want it to be. C’mon BFFs, this is your space too. Sharing is caring. Let’s start 2018 right xoxo.

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