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Hair Disaster! - L'Oreal Elvive to the Rescue!

Hi BFFs. When I received the L’Oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm I decided this was the ideal moment to share my hair disaster with you. Believe it or not, but my hair was once firetruck red…. I’m not talking fashionably red a’ la Tyra Banks… No it was just all bad!!! It looked so bad and super red that I wasn’t able to find any photos of myself with this hair because I never took any. Yes, BFFs… Words cannot explain…. The pics of me on this page were taken during the restorative phase when I was in the process of correcting the major hair disaster I had.

Long story short... A few years ago, I wanted a hair color that was the color of Beyonce’s hair on this album cover.

Yes, yes yes.... I know what you're thinking... That's not her real hair, it's a weave. I know this, but I fell in love with the color. Super gorge right! I and wanted something new. Armed with this pic I went to my local hair salon and showed the colorist the photo. She said that since I’ve never colored my hair before it would be easy to mimic. She started applying the color and to her surprise it wouldn’t take. So then, she decided to bleach my hair because as she put it “it’s the only way the color will take.” The freaking bleach burned on my head, and I ended up with colorless bleached hair. She then put the color in and then after she rinsed it out, I looked in the mirror and almost fainted! To my horror my hair had turned RED. I write that in red capitals so you hopefully get how devastated I was. You could see me coming from 10 miles away! The hair stylist decided to call the 800 help number on the dye packaging right in front of me and asked the person on the line what she thought went wrong and what she should do now. Then she said “let me put a curl in it so it looks nice.” Sure, go ahead and burn my hair even more with that darn curling iron -- it can’t get any worse right! Anyways, you guys get my drift. I left the salon, but had to do everything in my power not to go postal on her.

The aftermath of restoring my hair back to the way it was took so long. My hair was dry like straw and needed major nourishment. The full hair I once had was now thin and brittle. I went to see a color corrector who said I should’ve seen him in the first place. He said she should have never bleached my hair. Needless to say, he saved my hair and my sanity. Over a period of 6 months he gradually brought my color back to halfway descent. The whole experience made me appreciate my own God-given hair color so much more.

I was even forced to take new head shots because when you do auditions and such, you have to look like your head shot. My hair in the head shot below is more orange than red, because it was already in the correcting phase.

It was funny because once my hair was black again, one casting lady actually asked me what happened to my red hair, because that’s the pic she had gotten. She did not look amused. I fibbed and told her I had to change it for a part I booked, but that I could change it back for the part if needed. Wow, that was a total lie!!!! (Lightning strike me!) I would never go through that ordeal again.

My hair is black right now, but I still have times where I feel you can see the lighter red color coming through, because to fully get rid of the dyed hair, it would all have to grow out. A lot has already grown out, maybe even all of it, but my head plays games with me where I fear that the red color is coming back. In the head shot below with the cowboy hat you might think that it's the sunlight lighting up my hair, but it's really the old hair coloring coming through. You can clearly see how dry and straw like my hair looked during the repair phase. The lighter color just forced its way through.

Although this all happened a few year ago, I was very eager to use the L’Oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm, because I continue to dye my hair black regularly. (I do it myself now though). When I read that this balm makes a difference after just one use, I had to try it. Being impatient as I am, I have to say, I did see a great difference. My hair felt and looked like new again. You could not see that I ever had any hair coloring issues at all. Just after one use!!! The balm smelled similar to me as the other L’Oreal hair care items I use. Somehow, I think they all smell the same, which is fine, because they seem to work just fine. I must say, this is like a little miracle in a jar. I now use the balm at least once a week knowing that the next day my hair will look vibrant and healthy.

If you have colored hair that doesn’t look as healthy as it should, I would highly recommend this little jar. It worked and still works for my hair and I’m super picky when it comes to my hair. (Especially after going through this whole ordeal) Have you had a hairy disaster? Feel free to share yours below. I know I’m not alone in this. Speak peeps. Don’t be shy – sharing is caring.

FTC DISCLAIMER: This product was provided to me complimentary in collaboration with Influenster & L'Oreal. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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