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  • By: Kimberly Caines

Meet the Kissbobo Eco-Chic Bra!

Hi BFFs, hope your week is going well. Today I am introducing you to another must-have bra by Kissbobo. If the name sounds familiar, it might be from my previous post about the Kissbobo Sports bra. I was delighted when Kissbobo contacted me to collaborate on this, because their strapless, backless bras are so convenient during the hot summer weather in California. I often wear off the shoulder tops and tube tops that would look silly with bra straps showing, so these bras are ideal!

Unboxing the Kissbobo Eco-Bra

When you purchase the bra, it comes in a pretty pink box together with a thank you note, wearing and care instructions, a size chart and the return policy. The whole package looks super feminine and it easily makes for a great gift also. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was the scent. The bra has a light, pleasant scent of orange and lemon essential oil. When I took it out of the box, I noticed how soft and thin it felt. Come to learn that the bra is made from Eco-friendly, biodegradable latex and is meant to feel like body fat tissue. After going through the thank you note and other info that came with the bra, it was time to try it on.

Yah or Nay?

I got the Strawberry Mouse color, but as you can see below, there are multiple color choices.

I followed the instructions that came with the bra and also looked at the how-to video that shows exactly how to put on the bra. Click here if you want to see the video. After peeling off the protective film from the cups and sticking it on, I instantly noticed the support. I though the bra was going to be moving around and showing through my top, but no such thing. It really sticks and stays put. Also, no funny air pockets in between my breasts and the cups, which I sometimes have with regular bras. I couldn't even tell I was wearing a bra (maybe that's because I'm so used to having my bra straps dig into my skin. I wore the Eco-Chic bra for a few hours while looking at houses, because we are in the middle of moving to a bigger house. (Yay!!! a bigger studio for me guys!!!) When I came back home, I took the bra off and replaced the protective film over the sticky part. Since then, I've worn the bra several times and also washed it with soap and water. I am amazed that it's still sticky. So, as you can tell I give this bra a big fat YAY!!!! I am seriously thinking of getting the Green Tea Milk color also because it's simply gorge.

Get Your Own Eco-Chic Bra!

To all my female BFFs, if you want to get your own Eco-Chic bra, now is the time. The bra normally costs $25.99, but Kissbobo is having a 30% off Mother's Day promotion. You can buy the bra on and simply enter the code KISSBOBO30 to take advantage of the discount. The bra comes in sizes ranging from 30AA to 38DD. Also, if you want to check out Kissbobo, why not go to their website, or visit them on Instagram.

I hope this info was helpful to you. Let me know if you like the bra or if you already have one. Would love to know your opinion. Sound of below BFF. TTYS. xoxox

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by the team at The Eco-Chic bra was provided to me complimentary and as always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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