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Hi BFFs, it's another Fun with Fashion segment on the blog today. This post is just a compilation of the different looks I've worn on my Instagram over the past months. Hopefully it will give you some creative ideas and lots of fashion inspo so you can enjoy the clothes you are wearing. Fashion should be fun so let's have some fun on the blog!

Sometimes the right accessories is all you need. A cute pair of sunglasses and some hoop earrings often complete my look. I never spend a lot on either because I go through them so fast. My sunnies always end up scratched or lost and my hoop earrings sometimes end up not looking like hoops. Luckily expensive doesn't always mean better.

Sunnies: Foster Grant

These baggy camouflage pants have become my favorite pants. They are ultra forgiving and because they are so baggy, they make your waist seem smaller, especially if you pair it with a tight tank top. I think I like this look because it's cute and is super comfortable. Perfect for a night out to the movies or a day of shopping at the mall.

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Vans

When I saw this little number, I wasn't sure about it at first, because it is super stretchy and unforgiving! Forget about wearing it to dinner, because this dress will even show the littlest belly bulge. The only reason I got this dress was because it was right around July 4th and although I'd normally opt for a darker color, the American flag colors were perfect. Turns out it looks pretty cute in pictures too.

Dress: Fashion Q

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

These pinstriped pants are perfect for that time when you need to dress up a little bit but not too much. I like wearing it with sneakers although it would also look great with a pair of heels for a dressier touch.

Pants: Fashion Q

Shoes: Vans

A must-have for summer is a dress with a pretty print on it. I showed several on my Instagram and I tend to sway toward flower prints. Just like pants, dresses can be dressed down with sandals and sneakers, and dressed up with a high heel. Here are three of my favorites.

Dress 1: Fashion Q

Dress 2: Papaya Clothing

Dress 3: Fashion Q

Well that completes this Fun with Fashion segment. I hope you liked the post and that it gave you some ideas on what to wear. Don't be shy! Sharing is caring.... So tell me below what you thought of these look. Which one is your favorite?

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