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  • By: Kimberly Caines

5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast!

Hi BFFs!!! I've been super busy on social media and missed blogging BIGTIME! So of course, as always, I had to come back to where it all started! Today's post is all about growing your hair mainly because I am on a mission to grow my hair about 1 inch longer before summer! Lately my hair seems to curl more than usual, making it seem shorter. So to combat this, I'm just gonna let it grow. Below are 5 things I'm doing right now to help my hair grow faster. Mind you... These are just things I'm doing. By no means am I a hair-pro... The opposite actually... I'm not good at styling my hair at all.

My hair is a work in progress,

especially after an incident at the hair salon a few years back. Long story short... I walked in with a huge black mane and I walked out with hair that was bleached, flat, about 3 inches shorter and FIRE_TRUCK RED!! (See pic to the right -- this was taken after several correcting sessions. It looks more orange here, but it started out super red) I had to see a color corrector to get it back to my normal color. This took about 8 to 9 months and left me traumatized.

I'm not gonna bore you with my soppy hair stories. Let's just get to it. Here are the 5 things I'm doing right now to hopefully grow my hair fast.

1) I take vitamins!!! My diet is not good! I eat the same things over and over and need much more variety and fruits and veggies. To ensure I still get all the daily vitamins, I take a multi-vitamin every day before going to bed. I also take hair vitamins. (Right now I'm taking the Hairtamin hair gummies, which you might have seen on my Instagram). Yes, I don't just promote these gummies, I really use them and love them! They focus mainly on providing all the good nutrients your hair needs to grow longer, thicker and stronger. I addition to the vitamins, I also take a biotin supplement... Just because I'm extra and I figure that it can't hurt. Biotin is great for your hair, skin and nails!

2) I massage my scalp. I try to do this 5 minutes every day, generally before putting my hair in a bun before bedtime or when I wash my hair. I read that it dilates the blood vessels which triggers hair growth and it also makes hair grow thicker. You know your girl... I will try anything! It's real easy too. You just massage your scalp using light to medium pressure of your fingertips. There are also scalp massagers you can purchase for this, but your fingertips work just as well.

3) I wash my hair with shampoos and conditioners that work for me. I'm just saying that because everyone is different and what works for my hair might not work for yours. Generally I like using volumizing products because I like my hair big and full (although it naturally is already quite big on its own). I also like using products that repair hair, which still stems from my hair disaster from a few years back. Can you believe I have not gone back to the hairdresser's since.

4) Trim the dead, split ends regularly. I do it myself, because like I said, I'm petrified of going to the hairdresser now. Not snipping off the split ends can make hair look unruly and lead to breakage, which is what you don't want when trying to grow that mane.

5) Sleep on silk. I sleep on a silk pillowcase. Yes, this too stems from my past hair disaster. I did major research on how to repair my hair and a silk pillowcase was one of the recommendations. Tossing and turning at night can trigger hair breakage which is a no-no if you're trying to grow your hair. By sleeping on a silk pillow case, your hair is less likely to break. Additionally, a silk pillow case is also gentle on your skin and you won't see any sleep lines on your face when you wake up.

Well, those are my 5 tips. I hope you like them and would love to know if you have any special tricks and tips for growing hair. I would love to know. Don't be shy,... Write them down below so I can check them out. Enjoy your week and check back again next week for another blog. We're going to keep this party going! xo

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