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  • Kimberly Caines

NIMBLE - A perfect salon-quality manicure in 10 minutes right from home!

Hi BFFs! What do you think about a device that polishes and dries your nails perfectly right from home in just 10 minutes while you watch TV, browse the Internet or chat on the phone? Sounds great right and almost too good to be true. ALMOST!!! NIMBLE is launching in 2021 and I am super excited to give you more information and first dips on this amazing innovation!

Although I love pretty nails, many times I 'm just too lazy to do my nails myself, and to make matters worse, I just lack the patience to sit in a salon to get them done. Not to mention that the upkeep of that salon-perfect manicure can get pricey over time. You can imagine my excitement when I found out about NIMBLE. This is the first at-home-device that flawlessly paints and completely dries nails in 10-minutes. You can have salon-quality nails in 10 minutes, at home!

The team behind NIMBLE spent four years perfecting its technology and innovation. The device is able to adjust to everyone's fingernails so you can imagine that state of the art technology and extensive programming was required. Just like in a salon, NIMBLE applies a base coat, color and top coat, and dries your nails. So far, there are 20 cruelty-free nail polish colors available for NIMBLE that also help to strengthen your nails. Whether you prefer a natural, nude color or a dark vampy nail, NIMBLE can help you achieve it effortlessly! The manicure lasts an average of one week and can simply be removed with nail polish remover, just as how you would remove any other nail polish. NIMBLE is portable, so whenever you have 10 free minutes, just sit down and relax while NIMBLE perfectly polished your nails.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY NIMBLE? Of course you do! The company is currently looking for interested ladies who love having pretty nails and would like to test and try NIMBLE. To sign up to become an early tester of NIMBLE just CLICK HERE and provide your email address so the company can contact you. When NIMBLE launches in 2021, you can be one of the first to try it and provide your feedback. Tell me you're not super excited about it!

Disclaimer: NIMBLE has not personally been tested by me since it has not officially launched yet. However, as always any opinions given are my own.

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